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Chromatrap Enzymatic ChIP-seq Protein G Kit

Chromatrap Enzymatic ChIP-seq Protein G Kit

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Product Code: 500192

24 Columns

Product Details
Product Code 500192
Product: Chromatrap Enzymatic ChIP-seq Protein G
Description: ChIP-seq Enzymatic 24 spin columns, Pro G, with Premium control antibodies
Background: Chromatrap®’s new ChIP-Seq kit utilises the solid state technology to deliver a streamlined ChIP-seq protocol from small cell numbers and low chromatin concentrations.

Specifically adapted for broader chromatin concentrations, Chromatrap® ChIP-seq now combines the dynamic range of Chromatrap® with the downstream analysis power of deep sequencing. This allows faster, more reproducible genome wide identification of transcription factor binding sites and specific DNA associated protein modifications.

The Enzymatic ChIP-seq kit is a perfect alternative for those who cannot get access to a sonicator to shear the DNA required for a ChIP assay. The ChIP-Seq kit is our more sensitive kit and can be used for both qPCR and sequencing. This kit is compatible with both high and low chromatin loadings with an increased slurry volume of 1ml offering greater flexibility with more difficult samples. This kit requires a clean-up step but due to the increased binding of the column sufficient DNA is obtained from one column without the need to pool samples for library preparation.
  • This kit is compatible for both qPCR and sequencing as a downstream process
  • Wide dynamic range suitable for low and high chromatin loadings (1-50µg) and the wide dynamic range allows for better results from small sample sizes and provides greater flexibility
  • The kit is ideal for more difficult primary cell samples and for the enrichment of low abundant transcription factors
  • Allows the user to perform up to 24 ChIP assays from cell collection through to immunoprecipitation, including up to 10 chromatin sample preparations
  • Kit provides all of the major components required for performing ChIP assays and DNA purification columns to obtain high quality DNA for NGS library preparation
  • Positive and negative antibody and primer sets are provided in the kit
  • Selective and sensitive enrichment of low chromatin loading and optimised elution buffer chemistry allows for high quality and quantity of immunoprecipitated DNA
Kit Contents: Chromatrap® Protein G spin columns (24), Column Conditioning Buffer, Wash Buffer 1, Wash Buffer 2, Wash Buffer 3, 1.3M Glycine, Lysis Buffer, Digestion Buffer, Enzymatic Stop Solution, ChIP-Seq Elution Buffer, 0.1M NaOH, 5M NaCl, 1M NaHCO3, Hypotonic buffer, Shearing Cocktail, Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (PIC), Proteinase K stop solution, Proteinase K, 1.5ml Collection Tubes, DNA purification columns (24), DNA binding buffer, DNA wash buffer and DNA elution buffer. The kit also includes antibody validation controls: H3K4me3 and IgG along with a Forward and Reverse primer set for GAPDH (human promoter region).
Protocol: Download Protocol
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