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CLIA and ELISA Test Kits

By working with a close network of international manufacturers, we are pleased to offer you an extensive catalog of diagnostic kits that cater to all of your enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and chemiluminescent-linked immunoassay needs. We offer thousands of CLIA and ELISA test kits across numerous common and exotic hosts: human, mouse, rat, horse, monkey, fish and more.

ELISA Test Kits

ELISA test kits are diagnostic tools that use antibodies to identify a specific substance known as an analyte. Analytes are typically antigens. It is known as a “wet-lab” analytic biochemistry assay because it uses liquid reagents and a liquid sample, which remain in a liquid state throughout the analysis. After the reagents have been added, incubated and washed there will be a visual change, usually color, that indicates which analyte is present and its quantity.

CLIA Immunoassay Kits

Chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay, or CLIA, test kits are biochemical tests that use an antibody or immunoglobulin to detect macromolecules also known as an analyte. Typically the analyte being detected is a protein or pathogen. Unlike the ELISA kits these use chemiluminescent reactions to show detection. CLIA test kits offer methodological advantages such as low-end sensitivity and a broad dynamic assay range. They can be used in place of ELISA tests for diagnostic applications that require more sensitivity.

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