Antibody Genie

Antibody Genie is one of three brands within Reagent Genie, a global life science reagents company based in Dublin and London. Reagent Genie’s high-quality Antibody Genie product portfolio supports research across a diversity of fields, with many Antibody Genie antibodies validated by knock-out studies to provide confidence in antibody specificity.

While there may be no such thing as cheap antibodies, Antibody Genie products are competitively priced. Provided with detailed information regarding tested applications, recommended dilutions, and key antibody characteristics, and supported by comprehensive data, Antibody Genie antibodies are an excellent choice to support your research.

Where to buy Antibody Genie products

Antibody Genie is a valued supplier within the ARP antibodies portfolio. Backed by ARP’s 100% quality guarantee, Antibody Genie antibodies are guaranteed to work in the applications stated on the product datasheets.

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