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Secondary Antibody product focus Q3

American Research products prides itself on supporting your whole research journey.  The success of many laboratory techniques depends not only on the primary antibody but also on the quality of the secondary antibody.  We have focused on building a wide variety of high quality secondary reagents to support your research across species, isotypes and subtypes.

The target antigen of a secondary antibody is another antibody.  If the antibody is raised against the antibody binding domain it is called an anti-idiotype antibody.  However, if the antibody is raised against the constant region of an antibody it is usually referred to as a secondary antibody.  For example, an antibody against Human IgG1 raised in goat would be a Goat anti-IgG1.

ARP supply a wide variety of high-quality secondary antibodies to make the best fit-for-purpose reagent for your assay:

  • Secondary antibodies for western blot
  • Secondary antibodies for immunofluorescence
  • Monoclonal or polyclonal
  • Wide variety of host and target species
  • Available in a variety of conjugations or unlabelled
Target Host Class and Chain Conjugates
Human Donkey lg Purified
Mouse Rabbit lgA, lgA A1, lgAA2, lgA H, lgA secretory chain Serum
Rat Goat lgD, lgD H, lgD D S/N
Goat Mouse lgE FITC
Rabbit Sheep lgG, lgG1, lgG2, lgG2a, lgG2b, lgG2c, lgG3 Tritc
Sheep Rat lgG4, lgG H/L, lgG Fc, lgG Fc CH2 domain, lgG  HRP
Bovine Human CH2 domain, lgG, CH3 domain, lgG gamma, lgG Biotin
Guinea pig   Feb, lgG f(ab')2 Alkaline phosphatase
Cat   lgM, lgM Mu, lgM H Texas Red
Chicken   lgG/A/M StarBright Blue
Monkey   Lamba light chain DyLight 405
Fish   Kappa light chain DyLight 488
Dog   J chain DyLight 549
Hamster     DyLight 649
Horse     DyLight 680
Pig     DyLight 800

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