BioSpes: Chongqing Biospes Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality reagents and related products for life science. Based on their innovative research team and strict QC system, they can provide antibodies, ELISA kits, proteins and related products with the best quality. For their ELISA Kits, BioSpes implements two systems according to their different characteristics and technical requirements, which are kits with biotin conjugated antibody plus ABC system and the standard HRP conjugated antibody system. This flexible manufacturing philosophy helps BioSpes to supply ELISA Kits with high sensitivity and stability with low background. As a professional supplier, BioSpes provides products for academic, biological, pharmaceutical, disease research to meet their clients' demands, are consistently developing, manufacturing and distributing new products to enrich their product catalog. BioSpes works with academic communities to source and manufacture products together. BioSpes is able to provide custom services on antibodies and ELISA kits if their customers cannot find the required products in their current catalog.

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