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ARP America Research Products Ic is the premier provider for all of your research and diagnostic needs.

Based in Massachusetts, ARP has been providing high quality products to research laboratories in hospitals universities and biotech firms worldwide since 1994.

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From the Blog

28 May, 2020

AAV – a versatile vector for gene therapy

What is gene therapy? Gene therapy is the transfer of genetic material into cells to correct a deficiency in the genome, with the aim of curing […]
28 May, 2020

Matrix effects

Introduction This is the sixth post in a series on ELISA troubleshooting. This one is going to look at ‘matrix effects’. Firstly, what is a matrix […]
28 May, 2020

Elisa troubleshooting tips – High background

Introduction Welcome to our fourth post in a series looking at trouble shooting tips for ELISAs. This post will focus on possible solutions to high background. […]

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