TriAltus Bioscience

TriAltus develops innovative tools for the production and purification of genetically-engineered proteins. Our novel affinity tag system delivers proteins with ultra-high purity and yield in a single step.

This new affinity tag system is based on the ultra-high affinity complex formed between two small proteins. CL7 (16kDa) is the tag fused to the target protein, and Im7 (10 kDa) is the ligand coupled to agarose resin. The CLīM system has been validated on some of the most difficult-to-isolate proteins. We have purified a series of challenging proteins from categories including membrane and multi - subunit complexes. The CLīM platform is especially adept at purifying DNA-binding proteins like Cas because the lysate can be loaded in higher salt buffers to remove impurities early in the purification process, producing a clean final product.

Having proven the CLīM technology on some extremely difficult proteins, TriAltus is now developing R&D partnerships to use CLīM to purify proteins for customer-defined projects.

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