Vertebrate Antibodies Limited

Vertebrate Antibodies Ltd (VAL) is an emerging biotech company with a focus on the development of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to targets within a wide range of organisms for basic, applied and clinical research. Supporting the life science community by providing high-quality antibodies to novel and in-demand targets, VAL includes within its product portfolio mammalian antibodies, bird antibodies, fish antibodies, and pathogen antibodies, all of which have proven to be invaluable research tools.

Using a combination of bioinformatics and streamlined modified protocols to improve the efficiency and sensitivity of its products, VAL is widely recognized as a trusted and reliable antibody company. Where high-quality antibodies are currently unavailable to meet a specific research need, VAL offers custom antibody production services benefiting from low risk and guaranteed monoclonal antibody development for Western blot, IHC, sandwich ELISA, and immunofluorescence applications.

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