Epitope Tag Antibodies


Epitope Tags Product Focus

American research products support your research by providing a wide range of epitope tag antibodies. Epitope tags are short amino acid sequences which can be introduced into a recombinant protein during expression.  Anti-epitope tag antibodies can be used to identify the tag co-expressed with the recombinant protein of interest rather than the recombinant protein itself. Epitope tags tend to be highly immunogenic allowing for the production of very specific high affinity antibodies.

Epitope tag antibodies can be used in a wide variety of applications (eg western blot, IHC, Flow cytometry, ELISA) to track or visualise protein expression without using a specific antibody to the protein of interest.  This is useful when no specific antibody is available or to avoid using an antibody which binds to the protein itself.

The APR range includes antibodies to HRP, FITC, DNP, His-tag (C-term), V5 epitope tag, c-myc, DDDDK-tag, Fluorescein and beta-galactosidase. Our high-quality anti-epitope tag antibodies are available in a wide variety of host species and isotypes to further support your research.

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