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Cytokines were first identified in the 1940’s as being soluble factors produced by white blood cells [1].  It is now appreciated that cytokines can be produced by most cell types and can have multiple functions.  This makes understanding the complex network of cells and cytokines in normal and disease states a challenge.

Most cytokines are small, non-structural, secreted peptides, proteins or glycoproteins which function by binding to cell surface receptors. These include interleukins (IL), chemokines, interferons (IFN), colony stimulating factors (CSF) and transforming growth factors (TGF).  Some, like members of the TNF superfamily, function as type II transmembrane proteins which can be released from the membrane as soluble factors.

Due to their important role, particularly in immunology and inflammation, some cytokines have become important drug targets [2].

American Research Products supply a wide variety of cytokines, a selection of which are shown here with some of their cellular sources. Also available are anti-cytokine antibodies, anti-cytokine receptor antibodies and cytokine assay kits.


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[2] Szollosi, DE et al.  Current and novel anti‐inflammatory drug targets for inhibition of cytokines and leucocyte recruitment in rheumatic diseases.Vol 70, Issue 1, Jan 2018, p18-26

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