Cape Biologix – Pioneers in Manufacturing Recombinant Proteins

Why Cape Biologix

As technology advances and scientific exploration deepens, so does the demand for reliable and versatile research tools. In the realm of immunodetection assays, antibodies play a pivotal role in unlocking insights into disease mechanisms, protein interactions, and cellular processes. Traditional antibody production methods, however, have often posed challenges in terms of cost, scalability, and consistency.

 Through its PtX™ expression technology, Cape Biologix aims to drive research and innovation by providing researchers with access to high-quality tools at a fraction of the cost. Cape Biologix recently introduced their latest endeavour – a game-changing solution that addresses a critical need in the field of immunodetection assays: Affordable Recombinant Antibodies. 


Break free from limitations

Their affordable recombinant antibodies empower users to tackle a wider range of research questions, explore novel targets, and dive deeper into your scientific inquiries. Cape Biologix’ range of PtX™ products includes monoclonal antibodies and antigens that can be used as research or diagnostic reagents. 


ISO13485:2016 certification

“All the antibodies manufactured at our facilities are put through intensive and thorough testing to ensure quality, research only products for the end user.”

With ISO13485:2016 (Medical Device – Quality management system) certification, customers can be assured Cape Biologix complies to the standards set for the production, distribution, and export of proteins for use in research and manufacture of in-vitro diagnostic test kits. Their recombinant antibodies are engineered with precision, ensuring batch-to-batch consistency and reproducibility. This means more reliable and robust results, saving users time and resources.

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